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Richard Van Gonda - CEO & Founder
Paula Georgina Paizes - Managing Director
Georgii Speakman - SVP Marketing
Dr Ajay K Agrawal - Managing Director, Europe


Advisory Board
Dr Ajay K Agrawal
Rolene Markson
Kjeld Thygesen
Dr Fredrik Verkroost

Dr Ajay K Agrawal

Dr. Ajay K Agrawal

Dr Ajay K Agrawal is the Managing Director Europe and Advisory Board Member of Ignite Capital Partners. He is an experienced entrepreneur in the biotech & pharma industry, who currently sits on the board of directors of several companies in UK and Europe, including the development board of Buckingham Medical School, the first independent medical school in UK started in Jan 2015, without any public money since Victorian times, and Ecron Acunova, a CRO that has been conducting clinical studies over 25 years, audited by both FDA and European Regulators, It received the Bio excellence awards, and partnered in the development of Prochymal, World’s First Approved Stem Cell Drug in the World from Osiris, Canada for the treatment of acute graft-vs-host disease in children, a devastating complication of bone marrow transplantation that kills almost 80% of all affected children, many of which just weeks after they have been diagnosed. it has acquired companies in Denmark (2011), Thailand (2010), and Germany (2007). Dr Agrawal has been on the editorial board of six international medical journals from the Bentham press, California USA.


Previously, he was a founder of polyMASC Pharmaceuticals plc, London, the first UK biotech company from a university that was directly listed on London stock exchange, raising approximately $40 million in 1995, and subsequently merged with a NASDAQ-listed company, Valentis Inc, USA in 1999 to become one of the biggest companies in the delivery of biologics at that time, and the Managing Director of the worldwide organization of collaborations in the pharmaceutical industry, London, and special advisor on healthcare for commonwealth Business council, London, and Director of business development for Almac Sciences (the group had over 3000 people in the UK and USA), and Lipoxen plc London (listed on LSE at the time, now called Xenetic Biosciences Inc, listed on NASDAQ).


He is a trustee of  the Ramphal Institute, King’s College London  (got a distinguished panel of patrons consisting of number of House of Lords, former presidents, prime ministers & cabinet ministers) thataims to advance knowledge and education in the Commonwealth countries in social, economic, governance and environmental policy areas for the benefit of both the public and policy makers and a patron of APTUK, Action on Poverty (chaired by Baroness Kennedy) that is rebuilding communities and their livelihoods to the most vulnerable people in the world.


Dr Agrawal was awarded with Bharat Samman Award (India Honour Award) for excellence in healthcare by the Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation at the Leela Palace in New Delhi, India in January 2015. The award is conferred on the Non-Resident Indians for their outstanding achievements in the chosen field of activities. He has been included in the who’s who in the city of London since 2008..



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